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Flex Benefits and Health Spending Accounts Towards Your Eye Health | Roseville, CA

book blury ut black lastJust like visiting an eye doctor ensures the best care for your eye health, flex benefits or a health spending account provides greater access to affording the best quality of contact lenses or a pair of designer frames. Eyewear costs can vary from budget-friendly to luxury, but pinpointing the perfect combination of eyewear is vital for you and/or your family. At Granite Pointe Eye Care, our trained opticians are here to guide you through our optical gallery to find designer frames that meet your visual needs.

This year, consider the following forms of eyewear that can improve your vision.

Multifocal Contact Lenses

Unbeknownst to many progressive lens wearers, multifocal contact lenses can help you see up close and at a distance. Not only have contact lens manufacturers taken into account the sensitivity of aging eyes, but multifocal lenses are an ideal form of eyewear for athletes, parties, or traveling compared to eyeglasses.

Cataract Surgery + Premium IOLs

Although cataract surgery is often performed for those aged over 60, premium IOLs are becoming a more compelling reason to get cataract surgery earlier on. Intraocular lenses are a permanent solution to presbyopia to bring your vision back into focus.

Second Pairs of Eyewear

Whenever a person purchases a pair of eyeglasses, they have their sights to see clearly. However, patients fail to realize that their eyes are susceptible to UV ray damage and blue light. In order to preserve your eyesight and lower the risks of ocular diseases, such as cataracts, glaucoma, and macular degeneration, consider purchasing a second pair of frames like sunglasses or computer glasses.

Because flex benefits or health spending accounts typically include an expiration date, many people feel rushed when making a decision about their eye care needs. We encourage our patients to schedule their appointments early to learn about the available options of eyewear at our practice.

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